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Colored Smoke Bomb Engagement photography on the beach with Sahil & Natasha.

Every couple has a unique story of how they met and it’s so warming to see how that story has blossomed. Sahil and Natasha’s story began a few years ago, when they met in San Francisco. This city now means a lot to them so they wanted to take their wedding engagement photos along the coast in San Francisco. But because the photos turned out really cool in the end, I have a feeling that this was the first of many color smoke bomb photography sessions for me.

Initially, the couple mentioned they wanted to take photos in nature and by the shoreline. When we got there, we took a few snaps but then I noticed some huge rocks in the background. In my mind, I conjured an image of how the rocks will provide the perfect contrast for the color bombs the couple brought along for some fun shots. We all went on a mini hike and once we got to the rocks, we also noticed some artistic graffiti on the rocks. Using all the props nature (and other artists) presented to us, I got right to work.

This was my first shoot working with color bombs so I honestly did not know what to expect. I was worried the wind in SF wouldn’t allow us to capture much of the color bombs but coincidentally, the weather that day was very still and perfect. Also, I noticed that the color bombs created a haze in the distance and we incorporated that too into our shoot. As you can see in the final photos, the haze added a perfect touch to the romantic evening and allowed me to shoot elegant and intimate photos of these lovebirds.

Enjoy this Indian Engagement Session with Color Bombs!

Wedding trends may come and go, but we’ve got a pretty everlasting love for THESE 12 wedding trends of 2019. Keep ’em on your radar and hold ’em in your heart because we’re confident every last one of them will make you do a triple take. Don’t you feel so glad we live in a day and age where color reigns supreme? 2018 may have been all about delicacy and minimalism, but 2019 is bringing back some punch through vibrant hues, flirty fashion and mixed textures all around. Find a cozy place and settle in for the wedding whimsy ahead!

honey colored wedding tablescape with drippy petals

Photo by Lorely Meza with floral design by Lavenders Flowers1. Stretching Petals

We’ve seen loose, organic floral design in the wedding world for a while, but brides in 2019 are putting a whole new twist on this already ahead-of-the-curve trend. They’re stretching petals further through drippy, linear designs that take up just as much space, but not as much depth. Translation? That same drop-your-jaw result with fewer blooms so you can allocate that $ elsewhere… designer wedding dress perhaps?!

pink wedding dress with drippy flower backdrop

Photo by Sally Pinera with planning by Chloe + Mint and floral design by Siren Floral Co

drippy flower table runner with honey colored table linen

Photo by Morgan Franklin Creative with planning by The New Eclectic

minimalist flower wedding backdrop

Photo by Live View Studios with gown by Antonio Gual2. Layering Textures

Texture is nothing new, and quite often, we’ve seen it blossom throughout the fashion industry with every new collection release. But does texture have to be reserved for this category alone? Heck no! One way that couples are shrugging off a static color palette is layering unique textures that invite the eyes to dance while simultaneously awakening all the senses.

textured place setting with sheer ribbon and cloth napkin

Photo by Sposto Photography with design by Borrowed Blu

terracotta place cards with handwritten calligraphy

Photo by Kayla Barker Photography with calligraphy by Blue Eye Brown Eye

clear charges, wood colored napkins and amber glassware wedding place settings

Photo by Sposto Photography with design by Borrowed Blu3. Wearable Flowers

Brides today amaze us with their creativity – namely in the accessories sector! We’re seeing more and more couples embrace living hair accessories, wraps, arm cuffs… If you’re having a summer wedding and want to achieve that layered look without the *ahem* inappropriate attire for the season, take a cue from the fashionistas below and let your guests be wowed by these subtle statement pieces.

wearable flower wrap

Photo by Elizabeth Messina with floral design by Tulipina

floral arm cuff

Photo by The Day Weddings with styling by Pop-Up Planning Co.

floral bracelet

Photo by Emily Scott with floral design by Marigold4. Unique Lighting

Candles have always been a great way to set the mood, but even better? Unique lighting fixtures to really set the mood. Move aside, string lights! Receptions in 2019 will be LIT with mixed pendants, exposed bulbs, fringed masterpieces, mini lampshades and capiz shell chandeliers. How will you illuminate your space?

outdoor wedding cabana reception with unique capiz pendant lights

Photo by Brandon Kidd with planning by So Happi Together

Mexican star wedding lights

Photo by Sylvie Gil with planning + floral design Penzi Weddings

mixed chandelier wedding lights

Photo by Lacie Hansen with planning by Alexandra Kolendrianos5. Ruffles in Fashion

The ruffly gown has been one trend that’s easy for us to spot – it’s all in the name, people! Brides + their ‘maids are choosing flirty silhouettes that are double the ruffles, triple the fun. Even better where color is involved! We’d love to see any of the gowns below when the DJ plays Twist N Shout!

sherbert colored wedding dress with ruffles

Photo by Sally Pinera with planning by Chloe + Mint and floral design by Siren Floral Co

ruffled wedding dress with gold tint

Photo by Lucy Cuneo with gown by Mark Ingram

ruffled gold bridesmaid dresses

Photo by Nicole Castonguay Photography with floral design by Shindig Chic

ruffled train bridal gown

Photo by Dana Fernandez Photography with floral design by Mibellarosa and gown by Sachin & Babi6. Rise of the Monoflower

This is one modern wedding idea we didn’t know we needed until now… and yes, we’re coining the phrase monoflower 😉 I mean, what an incredible impact one flower type can make when arranged in bulk. From bouquets to escort card displays to floral headpieces, this wedding trend has room to grow! Pun intended.

lunaria bouquets

Photo by Elizabeth Messina with floral design by Sarah Winward

hydrangea tree escort card display

Photo by Tec Petaja with planning by Calder Clark and floral design by Blossoms Events

pink babys breath floral arch

Photo by Kelly Brown with planning by Sara Simmonds Design and floral design by Of the Flowers7. Celebrations in the Round

Now, we’ve always been suckers for the unconventional, and the more we’ve seen ceremonies or receptions in the round, the more we grab every member of our families to show them. A little agressive, I know, but LOOK AT HOW COOL! We love the way these intimate setups create an atmosphere of infinity and invitation – plus, what better way to show off every angle of your epic wedding dress than this?

circular wedding ceremony inside an old chapel

Photo by Sylvie Gil with planning + floral design Shannon Leahy Events

round wedding table outdoor reception

Photo by Jenny Quicksall with floral design Percy Sales Events

round wedding ceremony with white flowers

Photo by Erich McVey with planning by Laurie Arons and floral design by Hart Floral8. Velvet Everything

Ahh velvet, our love language. There may be no greater way to elevate a scene than by incorporating this rich, plush texture that comes in every color under the rainbow. While we’ve seen velvet linens on the rise for a while, it’s making a comeback in fashion too! We’re even starting to see embossed velvet in invitation suites or as a modern twist on day-of-paper goods, and we are here for it!

velvet bridesmaid dresses in fall colors

Photo by Jieru Photography with bridesmaid gowns by Bella Bridesmaids

teal velvet wedding tablescape

Photo by The Ganeys with design + florals by Gather Design Company

velvet flower girl dresses

Photo by Ryan Ray9. Overgrown Garden Vibes

Like I said, 2018 blew us away with wispy, minimalistic decor vibes across the board, but there’s nothing like a space that blooms from the inside out. Couples today are going for enchanting indoor gardens to create a romantic atmosphere like no other. The first reception pictured is inside of a sail tent – can you believe it?! We had to squint a few times because the lush autumn “trees” are just that good.

indoor garden wedding reception with fall trees

Photo by Ryan Ray with planning by Calder Clark and floral design by Blossoms Events

overgrown garden wedding ceremony aisle markers

Photo by Norman & Blake with floral design by Studio Mondine

oversized flower garland wedding decor

Photo by Lauren Fair with planning by Shannon Wellington Weddings10. Colorful Groom Attire

FINALLY! Grooms are showing their true colors through wedding day fashion that’s non-traditional… and that much more dapper because of it. No longer does the fun have to be saved for the socks (which are hidden) or the jacket lining (which again is hidden). We’re mentally preparing ourselves for the “Parade of Handsome” that’s sure to ensue in 2019, and you should too 😉

rust colored groom attire with fall floral arch

Photo by Tamara Gigola Photography with floral design by Loft Flowers

traditional Indian groom attire

Photo by Sally Pinera with planning by So Happi Together

green velvet groom jacket

Photo by N Barrett Photography with floral design Bows and Arrows Flowers11. Colorblock Decor

The color block trend is going strong this year through dessert displays, tablescape installs, mixed linens and even the bridal party attire! Such a simple way to make a big impact and pay homage to those colors you love.

color block place settings wedding decor

Photo by Anna Delores with planning by Wild Heart Events

color block ribbon wedding table

Photo by Redfield Photography with planning by Rabbit Rabbit Crew

color block dessert display wedding idea

Photo by The Venue Report with planning by Layered Vintage and desserts by Hey There, Cupcake12. Epic Bridal Gown Sleeves

All hail wedding dresses with sleeves! The Royal Wedding may have showed off more classic silhouettes and graceful structure, but brides this year will be pushing all the boundaries with their gowns. Off-the-shoulder sleeves with billowing fabric + embroidered detailing, sleek, twisted satin, tinted beading and feathers to boot… there’s nothing we don’t love about the way modern bridal sleeves are stylized.

oversized sleeve wedding dress with off the shoulder silhouette

Photo by Tali Photography with gown by Galia Lahav

offtheshoulder wedding dress with satin sleeves

Photo by Greer Gattuso with gown Studio Viperine

feather sleeve wedding dress

Photo by KT Merry with gown by MarchesaSo there ya have it! The top 12 wedding trends to look forward to in 2019. Which ones do you love the most? For us it’s anything with color… or texture… or shape… Oh, who are we kidding, we love them ALL!

billowing wedding dress with big off the shoulder sleeves

Photo by Kseniia Aranovskayay with gown by Rara AvisIf you’re a fan of what we shared today, be sure to follow along on Pinterest and Instagram where we’ll keep the creative wedding inspiration coming!


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Wedding videography in Sacramento is big business as there are different venues that can be used for the celebration. The city boasts of iconic features and various points of interest that are suitable for the ideal wedding. Wedding videographers line up in their numbers to offer their services to those who want to tie the knot in this serene location. Videography enables individuals to create special memories and be able to access the clips in future. Sacramento is a viable destination for weddings and a boost for the wedding videography industry. let’s indulge.

Wedding videography.

In this city, you can find professional wedding services to suit your needs. Be it a cinematic look or a more contemporary aspect, there are professionals who have services tailor-made to capture stunning images and videos to commemorate this exciting chapter in life. Basically, a wedding
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City of wonders.

Wedding videography Sacramento can be best described by the aura the location brings to foster wedding videography. The Sacramento and American Rivers’ convergence facilitates an environment for entertainment. In this case, a memorable wedding along the beach that is professionally documented. The stunning view surely makes up for the overwhelmed couple. Another iconic feature is the Tower Bridge, across the Sacramento River, which lights up beautifully at night to create a striking ambiance. Think of a yacht wedding in the evening and you have the perfect spot. The city also has its history well protected. The Old Sacramento, with the efforts of several parties, has been maintained to safeguard its narrative and act as a touristdestination. This city has all the right places to celebrate newlyweds.

Wedding videography has the necessary framework in place to enable it to grow and prosper in the city of Sacramento. This city is the right place to tie the knot.

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